Your Rights

EU Patient Directive

As early as 2004, Member States of the European Union had the possibility to seek medical treatment in another EU country on the basis of reimbursement of costs. To better guarantee patients’ rights in cross-border care, the European Parliament finally adopted the so-called Patients’ Directive in January 2011. The EU Member States have since implemented this directive. 

Patient rights and obligations

Healthcare insurers are now obliged to reimburse the costs of outpatient treatment abroad. However, prior authorisation is required for stationary treatment. You can read more about this in the brochure “Your rights”, which is mainly aimed at Dutch patients in Belgium.

NL-DE: Rights and obligations of the Dutch patient in Germany

NL-DE: What if the doctor violates his duties?

NL-BE: The rights of the Dutch patient in Belgium

NL-BE: The doctor’s liability

BE-NL: The rights and duties of the Belgian patient in the Netherlands

BE-NL: What if the care provider has violated your rights?

What do you have to pay attention to?

Do you want to receive treatment in another EU country at your health insurer’s expense? We have summarised the most important questions about this in the brochure “Getting medical treatment in Europe: what should you watch out for?” (Dutch)