“Reduce waiting lists in care, cross (national) borders”

Administrators at international, national and local levels need to do much more to support EU citizens in care across national borders. This is what the EPECS foundation calls for in a recent article on their website.

In the article, they point to anecdotal and scientific evidence that the opportunities offered by care across borders to reduce waiting lists are not being fully exploited.  As a result, citizens in border regions in particular miss out on opportunities for good and fast care close to home. And that while EU citizens are entitled to this.

Therefore, “agreements must be made on cross-border care to make sustainable cooperation in healthcare between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium more attractive,” according to the foundation. Not only managers of healthcare institutions need to join forces for this. Citizens – with practical experience – can and should also have a say in optimising care across borders. 

Jo Maes, Chairman EPECS