Health and well-being is the most important commodity for all people in the EU. It is the basis for a sustainable economy. Read about what EPECS does and can do for you on this page.


    You, as a citizen of the EU    


We think along with all citizens of the EU. By giving advice based on the experience we have built up. But also by providing a platform for you to make your voice heard. That is how we try to influence European policy on health and well-being. On your behalf.

You as a student

We offer students the opportunity to learn about Europe, healthcare and civic participation. With current publications, interesting lectures and information on the Decker Kohll judgmentGeraets-Smits en Peerbooms, and Muller Faure en Van Riet.

You as a professional or politician

Do you want to get started with civic participation, but do not know where to start? EPECS has a lot of experience in organising citizens’ summits, a unique way of involving citizens. Get started right away with our toolbox and ask EPECS all your questions.

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