Citizens’ summit

A citizens’ summit is an organised round table discussion. Each round table discussion involves a maximum of 8 citizens and 2 moderators. Based on themes, participants share their experiences with each other. The themes are prepared and introduced by the moderators.


EPECS has a number of moderators who can be deployed. The mutual interaction determines the course of each citizens’ summit. Through theme and structure, all citizens have their say in a citizens’ summit. Special training can also be offered to moderators.


An organisation, city or enterprise takes the initiative and invites citizens. The organiser makes clear what the aim of the citizens’ summit is, how many people will be invited, how long it will last and what will be done with the results.

At the table

The number of round table discussions in a citizens’ summit can vary from 1 to an infinite number. Each round table discussion should preferably be held in a separate room, preferably with a round table. This is easy to realise digitally anyway. One of the two moderators takes notes. If the citizens agree, the conversations can also be recorded.

EPECS has experience in organising a citizens’ summit and can assist in setting it up. Check our archive for previously organised citizens’ summits.