Citizens responsibility to prevent AMR, the next step

Although very difficult, while it will take time, to put the theme of yours and my behaviour in the centre, also with regard to AMR, organising interaction with citizens, connecting to citizens all over the place is, from the point of view of EPECS a necessary next step.

A)  We live on a tiny planet

B)  We all will survive if the SDG’s are realized

C)  Health for all implies the combat of AMR

D)  We have to think global and act local

E)  We have to engage citizens

F)  We have to combat in an intelligent way AMR

G)  Therefor all companies have to implement CSR to improve theirbehaviour and policies and investments, especially also with regard toAMR.

H)  New tools should be developed, to combat AMR, including the use ofstory telling, TCI, Positive Health and clever simple language toexplain complicated problems like AMR. communication.

I)  Emphasising the richness and opportunities of border regions tocombat AMR in Europe is important.

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